Pütter bandage

Pütter bandage®

The particularly strong short-stretch bandage

The strong fabric of Pütter bandage has a textile elasticity and generates a very high compression with a high working pressure and low corresponding resting pressure. Because this alternating pressure reaches deep-lying veins, and thus causes very high decongestion.

Pütter bandage is made of 100% pure cotton (with an extensibility of approximately 90%) and is suitable for very high compression in all cases of acute and chronic types of venous stasis oedema that require frequent re-application of the bandages during the early stages of oedema reduction.

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Areas of application

For very high compression, e.g. after varicosclerosation, in all acute and chronic venous stasis oedema, leg ulcers and thrombophlebitis. Given their low resting pressure, the bandages can be left in place overnight when the patient is lying down.

Pütter bandage is suitable for the counter-running bandaging technique according to Pütter. Additional padding makes the bandage more comfortable to wear and produces a more even pressure distribution. Bony prominences should be padded at the sides in order to accelerate decongestion and improve wearing comfort.

Pütterbinde / Pütter-Verband Medice registered trademark