Comfort compression for more mobility

The success of compression therapy is very much based on patient compliance. An ideal bandage should meet the requirements of comfort and guarantee efficient compression. These properties substantially increase the chances that the patient will continue treatment until the end.

This combination of comfort and compression was, however, not always available in the past. Especially when the foot was wrapped with bandages, it often did not fit into the shoe anymore and inhibited the patient’s mobility. In addition, the pressure necessary for treatment was often found to be uncomfortable. Now there is a solution to these problems: the new PütterFlex.

Since the bandage is flexible in all directions, it adapts better event to difficult areas. This makes application easier and increases wearing comfort.

Areas of application

For very high compression, e.g. after varicosclerosation, in all acute and chronic venous stasis oedema, leg ulcers and thrombophlebitis. Given their low resting pressure, the bandages can be left in place overnight when the patient is lying down. Pütter bandage is suitable for the counter-running bandaging technique according to Pütter.

Tips for usage

  • After washing (up to 95°C) the bandage regains its full elasticity. 
  • Two bandages are normally required to bandage the lower limb. 
  • Bony prominences such as the tibia or instep of the foot can be padded with Rolta Soft. This increases wearing comfort additionally. 
  • The additional use of a Stülpa underwrap has proven to be practical for patients with very sensitive skin

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